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1. #18's real Japanese name is of course Jyuuhachi(18)-gou(number).

2. #18 is not completely a robot. In the strictest sense she is a cyborg because her human body was enhanced by mechanical parts.

3. In future Trunks' timeline, #18 was bad to the bone. She and her brother nearly annihilated the entire world.

4. #18 loves to shop!

5. #18 lost the Budokai finals against Mr. Satan during the Buu era because Mr. Satan promised her the prize money.

6. #18 appeared in the DBZ movie where Broli (the villain who refuses to stay dead) made his third appearance as a bio-genetically engineered slime creature thing.

7. #18 appeared in a DBZ TV special about Future Trunks' life in the "what if Gokuu died?" timeline.

8. #18 was vomitted out by Cell and swam in his spit when Cell was pounded on by SSJ2 Gohan during their legendary confrontation.

9. #18 seems to be fond of the colors blue and green.

10. #18 used to have a bomb in her body which was removed by Kuririn's wishing on the Dragonballs.

11. #18's daughter's name, Marron, means "chestnut". Incidentally, Marron was also the name of #18's husband's ex-girlfriend. Kuririn's name is also derived from "chestnut". Hmmm...

12. #18's little daughter Marron wore "red ribbons" in her hair & the Red Ribbon Army was the organization which Dr. Gero was part of.

13. Once upon a time, she could beat everyone to a bloody pulp. Oh, for the good old days...