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I've finally updated the poll but nothing has changed much. #18 is still way ahead of the pack, with Bulma in second place. The Cell Saga is still the leading favorite storyline, followed by Boo. #18 and Kuririn's daughter Marron did garner her very first vote.

Fave Female

#18 - 57 votes
Bulma - 19 votes
ChiChi - 8 votes
Videl - 5 votes
Marron (#18's kid) - 1 vote
Marron(Kuririn's 1st girlfriend) - 1 vote
Princess Snake(?)'s handmaiden - 1 vote
Pan - 1 vote
Lunch - 1 vote

For those of you who are wondering who this handmaiden is, just watch the episode when Goku was running along the Snake road in order to find Kaiou-sama. Along the way, Goku is "captured"by Princess Snake(?). The handmaiden in this particular vote is the one who shot herself while playing Russian roulette.

Fave Storyline

Coming of the Saiya-jin - 15 votes
Freeza Saga - 8 votes
Cell Saga - 42 votes
Boo Saga - 20 votes

Kuririn&#18 together?

YES! - 52 votes
NO! - 26 votes

Here are a few comments sent in by the voters. Please remember that these opinions do not necessarily agree with the my own. Thank you.


Chisconti - She fights really well, she protected and revenged his husband in DBGT and she is the prettiest.

Toufu Vang - She can fight.

Eazy-G - Because I said so, gosh darnit!! Oh yeah, and #18 and Kuririn DO NOT make a good couple, but I guess everyone gotta get hooked up with someone, I suppose.

Kris J - *Taking a deep breath* She's beautiful,she's strong, she can face up to a Saiya-jin. She's really hot! She's got that ultra icy personality. She could make a great wife(to me, he he) I like Kuririn..but I don't like him with her together.

Joshua - Has a nice rack, and can kick the living crap out of anyone

Strata18 - I'd rather not tell.


Aimi Hana Bt Rosli - Well, she's the first female character in DB world, esspecially when she shot Gokou-kun (and also shot Kuririn & Kamesennin in the Vegeta Saga) And she the "starter" of DB world & most of all, she's V-chan's woman!!!

Teel - Well, isn't it obvious? Having no superpowers or fighting ability to speak of (though she is handy w/ a machine gun), she keeps Vejita in line. Now skill.

Deanne - She marries Vegita!

Bra-chan - Bulma started the whole seriesof DB! She is also the prettiest, smartest, and the BEST!


Antookis - She can fly and is cute in her own way.

Rydia - She's cool and the only normal human female that can fly.

Fatma Ali - Well, I think she's really cute and I love her tough, high-spirited personality. I also like her taste in boyfriends.

Pan - I don't know


BluTiga - She can produce ammo anytime she goes psychotic.