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Disclaimer: As you can obviously tell, this interview is a figment of my imagination. It is merely my own personal take on how it would be to talk to #18 when she's in a particularly good mood. I have no intention of offending anyone and if I'm way off the mark in anything, pls inform me.


I'd like to start with something that's been baffling a lot of DBZ fans. Of all Trunks the men in the DBZ universe, why did you marry Kuririn?
Kuririn is a really nice guy. He may be vertically challenged, but he isvery loyal and devoted to our family. And with him, I get to be the boss. And another thing, I felt the need to be unique. After all, I was the only one who didn't marry a Saiya-jin.

And what do you think of the Saiya-jin?
Hmmph! I'll admit that Vegeta and his ilk are very powerful, but they are also very over-rated. Don't you find it strange that the supposedly strongest racein the universe is practicaly extinct?

Well, their planet wasn't destroyed because they were weak, but because theywere tricked by Freeza.
OK, let me rephrase my earlier comment. The Saiyajin are definitely strong, but they lack brain power. They had to be really dense as to not suspect a bastard like Freeza of treachery.

I think you're letting your personal feelings about Freeza cloud your objectivity.Of course now you know that Freeza was evil especially since he was responsible for one of your husband's "multiple" deaths. However, the Saiya-jin had no indication...
Fine. I get your point. But I'll give you two words that'll prove I'm right: Son Gokou.

Well,ahh...I think that was because of a severe bump to his head when he was a baby...
Really? *icy stare* Was that all it was?

Hoookay...*cough* *cough* On to the next question. What do you think of your female peers? Bulma for instance?
Have you heard of people who are so smart that they become psychologically imbalanced?

Yes. I believe your creator, Dr. Gero, was a prime example of genius gone mad.
Well, that's what I think Bulma is.

Why do you say that?
She married Vegeta didn't she?

I take it you don't like Vegeta very much, do you?
He wanted me dead. Do you expect me to feel all warm and fuzzy inside for him?

*ahem* Right...what about Chi-Chi?
I admire how she kept Gokou in line but she turned her boy Gohan into a such a wuss!tsk! tsk! What a waste.

Let's talk about you own family...what do you think of your daughter's future? Doyou want#18 Marron to end up with a Saiya-jin...Trunks or Goten perhaps?
Kami-sama forbid it! She's a very sweet girl and she should have a normal life.Marron-chan would never have peace if she was involved with a Saiya-jin. Still, if she had to, I'd prefer that she'd end up with Trunks because he has a good job and haslots of money.

You don't mind that Marron has no fighting skill?
Like I said, she's very different from me. Ruthlessness isn't in her nature.

Speaking of ruthlessness, what about your brother #17?
I think #17 is still shacked up in woods somewhere. I don't think of him much,except when I get the urge for mass destruction, then I really miss him.

Will you ever go on a rampage again?
I don't see the point. I'm content with my lot in life. Anyway, *pout* my husbandwouldn't like it and those Saiya-jin partypoopers would get in the way.

Any regrets?
Well, I regret not getting rid of all the Saiya-jin when I had the chance. I'd have conquered the world by now. Maybe it's not too late...

*cough* Aaahh, seriously?
Well, if you put it that way...nothing much except, *sigh* I should've bought that cute little blue halter-top dress when it was on sale...

OK, thank you very much for your time Jyuhachi-gou-san.
No problem. By the way, where are you off to now?

Let's see...I have to go interview the beloved world champion, Mr. Satan next.
Is that so? Mind if I go with you? *devious smile*

It'd be my pleasure. Say, why are you in such a good mood all of a sudden?
Oh, nothing. *cracking her knuckles* It's just that I think I'll be getting that new dress after all.