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Capsule Corporation

BULMA : Bulma may not have the brawn but she definitely has the beauty and the brains which has made her a valuable members of the DB troupe. After all, as the Capsule Corp.'s Inventor Extraordinaire, she was responsible for the Dragon Radar and Mirai's Trunks' time machine. Bulma's also got a spunky attitude which probably helped her snare her Prince Charming (hmmm, can that apply to Vegeta?) But like everyone else, Bulma has her faults. One of her main ones is her vanity. She is the DB character who's had the most hairstyle changes. Remember her puffy permed 'do when Mirai Trunks first appeared? Now that was a hair don't!
Name Pun : Bu-ru-ma, as in "bloomers" or ladies' underwear.
BULMA"S MOM : She is probably the most marginalized woman in DB. She doesn't even have a name for heaven's sake! The only definite fact about her is that she's a sweet lady who married the founder of the Capsule Corp., Dr. Briefs.
BRA : Bra first appears in DBZ as Vegeta and Bulma's second child and Trunks' lil' sis. She grows up in DBGT and looks exactly like Bulma did in her younger days. Bra also loves to shop and is "Daddy's little girl." Vegeta even shaved his awful moustache because she said he looked horrible. Bra can already fly and certainly has fighting potential, but she has so far shown no interest in training.
Name Pun : Isn't it obvious?