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Kame House

#18 : do you really expect me to talk about #18 here too? For info on #18, just head for #18's Stuff.
MARRON : She's Kuririn & #18's pigtailed daughter. She has her dad's round face, her mom's golden hair, and thank goodness, she has a nose! ^_^ She's named after her dad's former girlfriend; don't ask me why #18 put up with that. Marron has shown no extraordinary abilities, not even flight, which is very strange since her parents are far from normal. She likes shopping just like her mom and they both frequently use Kuririn as a porter/driver. There's nothing much to say about Marron since she's only a peripheral character. Hopefully, some new DBGT stuff will give her personality more chances to develop.
Name Pun : Just like Kuririn, Marron's name means chestnut.
LUNCH (or is it LAUNCH?) : She was brought over to the Kame House by Goku and Kuririn to be a "housekeeper" at the request of Kame-sennin as "payment" for their martial arts training. Lunch was a very sweet & competent housekeeper when she didn't sneeze and turn into a blonde gun-toting maniac. A lot of funny situations revolved around how Kame-sennin and Co. try to keep her from sneezing, but they always fail & get riddled with bullets. Lunch apparently had a soft-spot for Tenshinhan, but it never developed because her character disappeared after DB.
Name Pun : "lunch" as in the meal or "launch" as in to project