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The Son Family

CHI CHI : ChiChi and Goku first crossed paths way back when they were kids in DB. She was able to make him promise to marry her when the time was right. They eventually did and had 2 sons, Gohan and Goten, whom ChiChi is constantly fussing over. She is known to be an overprotective worry-wart even if her kids are two of the most powerful beings on the planet. Despite it all, ChiChi is a caring mother and loyal wife who'd do anything for her family (even go after Majin Buu with just a mop!). She evens accepts Goku's kid form in DBGT. She's also a great cook which can explain why she and Goku are a perfect match. And we mustn't forget that ChiChi can pack quite a wallop herself, being the daughter of the gigantic Gyuumaoh or "Ox-king".
Name Pun : "mother's milk"
VIDEL : Videl is the very strong-willed and arguably hard-headed daughter of the "world champion" Mr. Satan. She's married to Son Gohan and is the mother of little Pan. Videl is quite powerful for a human, thanks to Gohan's training. She and Gohan were the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Satan City when they donned their Great Saiyaman's costumes. She used to get into a lot of scrapes when she was younger, but now she leaves all the adventuring to her daughter.
Name Pun : inverted syllables of "de-vil"
PAN : Pan is Gohan and Videl's explosive little daughter. She seems to be the only female character of her generation with any interest in fighting whatsoever. Her grandpa Mr. Satan has even hoped that she will take over the world championship from him. Pan may like to duke to it out with the bad guys, but like all the descendants of Son Goku, she's really a caring soul. She plays a big part in DBGT because she's always part of the Dragonball search expeditions.
Name Pun : Pan, not as in "frying pan" but as in Spanish & Portugese, etc. for "bread"
URANAI BABA : This old crone is ChiChi's grandma and Kame-sennin's (older?) sister. She's a great fortune-teller who met Goku way back in DB when he asked for her help in finding the Dragonballs. Uranai Baba is also responsible for granting dead spirits their 1 day to return to the land of the living, a service she has granted to Son Gohan (Goku's grandpa) and to both Goku and Vegeta during the Buu Saga. Her crystal ball is also very useful. When the TV broadcast of the Cell Game conked out, it was thanks to Uranai Baba's crystal ball that ChiChi was able to watch Gohan defeat Cell.
Name Pun : nothing much, "uranai" just means fortune-teller.