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Dragonball's Women Characters

female db

This may be a shrine for #18, but I certainly do not want to overlook the other female characters of the DB universe. True, they can sometimes be annoying and prone to hysterics, but I guess I'd have nervous breakdowns too if my husband & children are constantly getting blown up. They may also not have earth-shaking powers but they can still make those Saiyajin boys behave from time to time. The fact it, DB's women help keep the story from turning into just another testosterone slugfest.
The characters are divided by family or by their last place of residence

I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures. I'll get better ones soon.*

**This portion of #18's Shrine is dedicated to Ayame. ^_^**

Kame House

Capsule Corp.

The Son Family

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